Indoor posters and outdoor billboards (blueback - stickable); laminable. Can be applied outdoors even without ...
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X-Banners are printed on a banner material. One eyelet each must be positioned at the four corners ....
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  Frames - Ad tools  
Printed materials are not complete without portable presentation and advertising tools that are tailored to your specific needs. We provide accessories which meet today's requirements for both indoor and outdoor use. Our products include sidewalk signs, folding and portable installations, stands for graphic backgrounds, plastic and information counters and brochure stands, all of which come in various sizes and designs.

These tools may prove to be an excellent choice in areas where the marketing message needs to be conveyed in a simple yet effective and eye-catching manner.

The advantages of portable display systems and advertising tools are:

- do not require time-consuming assembly
- easy-to-use
- easy to transport and less spacious
- can be assembled and deployed in a matter of moments without the use of tools
- the structures consist of aluminium and quality plastic elements (resulting in a long useful life)
- wide range of applications (exhibitions, product presentations, conferences, press conferences, decoration of the exteriors and interiors of shops)
- very competitive prices

We strive to contribute to the success of our partners through our expanding product offerings and competitive prices.

Our most popular products include:

"A-board" and "multifunctional A-board"

Double-sided folding sidewalk sign with a snappable aluminium profile frame. The prints inserted into the frame can be replaced within moments.

Available sizes: A1, A0


Available sizes: widths of 85 cm and100 cm

The dimensions of the prints that can be inserted into the structure are 85x200 cm or, for the wider version, 100x200 cm. Installing the print into the structure is a really quick process. First, the upper part of the print needs to be snapped into the profile required for pulling out the print and the lower part must be taped to the bottom of the retractor mechanism using a stripe of self-adhesive tape. The print can be replaced quickly and easily.


Snap frame

Available sizes: A1, A0

- elegant and modern design
- easily replaceable with a snap design
- poster frames are made of an eloxed aluminium profile in matte silver colour
- rounded chrome corner design
- comes with a gray polystyrene back panel

Pop-up stand

The back panel folds out easily. The graphics printed on the banner can be easily attached to the frame. Since the banner must be attached in one piece and not in segments, no displacement will occur, making installation extremely simple.

"Windmaster" outdoor sidewalk sign

- professional double-sided outdoor sidewalk sign
- elegant and modern design
- antireflex (anti-reflection) protective foil with a UV filter
- graphics are replaceable in a matter of seconds
- fitted with a highly stable base so that it stands firm even in strong winds
- galvanized and steel-coated back panel

Available sizes: A1



X-Banners are printed on a banner material. One eyelet each must be positioned at the four corners of the print. The structure will stretch the material using these four corners.
The main feature of the stand is its simple structure which allows observers to see only the printed and stretched graphics and not the supporting structure.

The precise dimensions of the stretched graphics: 60 x 160 cm


Poster stand

Poster stand with a poster frame, installed on a pole with an elliptical profile. The frame has a profile of 25 mm.

Available sizes: A4


Brochure stand

- folding brochure stand made of eloxed aluminium
- suitable for the stylish storage of publications and fliers of up to A4 in size
- comes with a really stylish carrying case


Plastic counter

A counter with a large graphical surface suitable for consumer tests and product presentations. Exceptionally eye-catching and elegant in appearance.


promotional materials with asurface finish


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